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Otter Visits, Water Rail and Tawny Drop-offs

We have had a few weeks with minimal visits by the otters, as the river has been quite high. This week, when I checked the Yew View footage, I was delighted to see 6 visits through the week.  From what I can see, there is at least one male and one female, although one clip this week captured two individuals; probably a female and a grown-up cub. This clip was captured at 6.30am, with the female then coming up on the bank for a quick sniff and spraint…

It isn’t just otter visiting though…. this fox has had a good sniff around….

… and then I was delighted to see this water rail. I have recorded this species around this area before…

The rest of the interest, wildlife-wise in the garden, is from our lovely tawny owls! They are very active around the nest box still, often dropping off food early in the morning and then picking it up again early evening.

They seem to have approved of the new, larger platform outside and often land on it, walk around and use it as a perch.

Finally, whilst I was looking through the footage, the male (I think!) landed on the Owl Mansion terrace….. at 11 am! Great to watch him live..

I will be working on the bird feeding stations over the coming weeks and installing some more cameras on those… gearing up for the winter bird feeding frenzy!


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