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Oak tree nest box: Bird hide treehouse

My oak tree nest box is mounted on an oak tree that is opposite my children’s treehouse (which they have long grown out of!) It is basically a small shed, mounted up on some tree trunks and post. The great advantage is that is is directly opposite the nestbox and will be a brilliant hide from which to photograph and film the bluetits that I hope will nest in there! It has camouflage netting over it and I have removed the plastic window and draped the netting to obscure my camera. It means I can sit in ‘relative’ comfort with a brilliant view, level with the box without disturbing the blue tits.

This photo show the tree house proximity to the nestbox. You can also just see the ‘odd box’ mounted in a fir tree. I have put a yellow circle around it.

I sat in there for about an hour today, but it was a very chilly and dull day and there was not much activity in the nestbox. I did manage to get this shot though. 

The dunnocks are also very active, displaying to each other and the males singing on top of the hedge.  This is one shot I got, which I was quite pleased with, as the light was pretty bad plus I cropped this.


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