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New Robin Nest Box

I set up my new robin box, from Riverside Woodcraft, today. Although it is advertised as a robin box, I think a blackbird might also consider it to be a suitable nesting space.  Typical of Riverside, this is a study, well made box, which is going to last for years.

If something chooses to nest here, I want to be able to put a camera in, so I decided to drill a camera-size hole in the top, so I can easily pop a nest box camera in, if necessary….

The nest box camera will sit in this hole and  look down into the nest box. I will protect it with a small plastic box.

I then needed something to plug the hole until I put a camera in there. Wandering around Wickes, I came across these for a couple of pounds… perfect!

It plugged the hole perfectly!

The next decision was where to site it. I have a smell shed that backs out onto the lane. It is next to a tree stump, covered in ivy and the clematis tangles all over it, creating the kind of cover that robins like. I think it is perfect….

I trained a little of the ivy around the box and it will soon start to cover it. The clematis will also grow around it, secluding it. I have three pairs of robins displaying in this part of the garden, so I hope one pair will consider it the perfect place to raise a family!


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