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New nest discovery!

As nothing had used my kestrel box in its first year, I decided to move the camera down to field level to capture the foxes as they come in lower in the field. We climbed up to move the camera and had a peep in the box….. were amazed to see a small nest of twigs and leaves and two white eggs!!!

We obviously didn’t take the camera down, but the position means I cannot see to the bottom left, so I had not seen anything in there the last time I monitored. Looked white eggs up in my book….. could it be a second brood of a little owl (wishful thinking)…. even a late kestrel (still wishful thinking!). I put the camera on to monitor… keeping my fingers crossed. Looked back and could just make out a head ….. of a PIGEON!!!  Yes, I have a pigeon in my kestrel box! I should be pleased that soemone has taken up resisdence I suppose….. but pigeons do not have the same appeal somehow!

I cannot actually see the nest or incubating female from the camera yet and I am still debating whether to move the camera down to the field…. I will think about it over the next few days and decide. What makes a pigeon less appealing to watch than a blackbird?? Not quite sure!


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