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New MouseCam set-up

I found a lovely piece of wood from the tree that fell on the far side of the field opposite my office. It is a gnarled knot hole and I am sure something would have nested in it, had the tree still been vertical!

I wanted to turn it into a new mousecam…. one which I may be able to do some photography from. I liked the idea of a mouse peeping out of the ‘natural’ looking hole and thought I may be able to use the Traxwatch to set it up and capture some daytime visitors possibly. I found an old wooden box and thought I could screw it onto the back of this knot hole…. to make a chamber behind it. I cut a slit to allow the camera lens through.

I then attached this box onto the back of the knot hole and taped the camera into place. If this box works, then I will make a more permanent arrangement. I did think that this might attract mice to actually build a ‘nest’ in here and breed…. it is more like a natural habitat and I may add  little hay and grass inside.

Finally, I posted some peanuts and seed through the entrance hole and set it up on live cam…. I wonder how long it will be before a mouse discovers this new food source and pops in for a visit!


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