New look for 2015!

You will notice that my blog has a new look for 2015! I am not quite happy with it yet, but will play around over the coming weeks to fine tune it a little! I will also be working on my main website. I built the site about 4 years ago when I started my WildlifeKate venture and it was built using Flash. Flash works well on PCs but, if you have tried to look at my website on a mobile device such as an iPad, you will know it does not work well. The way forward is building the site with what is known as HTML5.  I have too much flash-dependant functionality on my main site to simply switch it over, as everything would jiggle about and look awful! For this reason, I have decided to start building a new website! It is probably about due as there is lots of content on the old one that is rather old or hidden and it could all do with a revamp and a refresh. This is rather a large undertaking, so I will be building it in the background over the next few months, with the view to then swapping over when I feel it is ready to go live! All very exciting…. but VERY time consuming!

I can’t believe 2014 has passed and we face another new, exciting year ahead! I have had a wonderful 2014, with SO many exciting events and appearances, including filming for a series which will be shown this Spring….. can’t say much more than that at the moment!

My blog documents lots of the things that happened, but the highlights of 2014 have probably been:

  1. Barn Owls visiting my Nest box in Jan 2014! (Click to find out more)

Cam10 2014-01-18 00-22-51.192
  1. My Big Garden Birdwatch 201(Click to find out more)

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 19.58.56
  1. Being invited by Angie and Jonathan Scott to a Cheetah Conservation Evening (Click to find out more)

  2. A trip photographing Mountain hare in Scotland! (Click to find out more)

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 18.08.50
  1. Judging the Mammal Society Photographic Competition with Mike Dilger (Click to find out more)

  2. Working with WWF on their Earth Hour  (Click to find out more)

  3. My Project B&B to transform part of my garden into an insect haven (Click to find out more)

  4. Michaela Strachen films here for Springwatch 2014! (Click to find out more)

  1. I create my Mammal Box HD (Click to find out more)

Autumnwatch vole2

  1. I design the stand for Bushnell for BirdFair 2014 (Click to find out more)

  2. I win the Schools Category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) (Click to find out more)

  1. I start a very exciting project on a 7 acre site in Worcestershire – Yew View (Click to find out more)

  2. I attend and run a workshop at Wild Photos (Click to find out more)

  3. I am a judge for the Bushnell Capture of the Year Competition (Click to find out more)

  1. Another wonderful trip to the Cairngorms (Click to find out more)

  2. My role at Michael Drayton Junior School… all documented on the website I built! (Click to find out more)

There are many more … it truly has been an incredible year for me. Just check out the posts on my blog to get an idea… there were just too many wonderful experiences to mention!

I am already planning all the exciting things that are going to happen in 2015! I hope you will join me on my journey and continue to enjoy my many blog posts and tweets! Here’s to a great 2015 full of wonderful wildlife! :o)

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