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New Fern Photos

It was a nice bright evening tonight, without being sunny and I saw Fern quite early, in the field, so I set the camera out on the edge of the field.  It is difficult to tell when you are setting it up, how much to zoom to anticipate the fox’s position.  I wanted the images to be quite zoomed in, so I used my 17- 85mm lens. Within a few minutes, Fern was there. I had the monitor on upstairs, but it gives a wide angle view and so it is difficult to tell when she was directly in the frame, especially as she moves around quite a lot.

She was a lot less spooked by the shutter this time so I kept taking images and a couple of times she looked right into the lens…. I just hoped she was in the right place. I couldn’t wait to retrieve my camera and have a look. I was really pleased  as they are a great improvement from what I achieved last time. Here are some of my favourites…..


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