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New Feeder… anyone seen this one before????

It is not very often I find a bird feeder that I have not seen before, but whilst popping into a new ‘Pets at home’ store recently opened near me, I came across this great feeder….

Made out of recycled materials, this feeder uses  these suet logs which, when cut in half, fit snugly into the holes. I have made one not dissimilar to this in the past out of some birch logs, but filling them was a messy business and I soon got fed up! This was certainly worth a go.

My cat, Mungo, was particularly interested and thought he might like to give insect filled suet logs a go!…..

It has joined the medley of feeders from my new feeder tree…. we’ll wait to see how much interest we get.

I have also added a small bird table into the arch of the branches. I think I have covered every angle when it comes to feeding now!


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