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New Camera Remote

I have been wanting to set up my camera in the field and then fire it remotely so I can take some pictures, close-up of Fern and Flynn feeding. I have bought  Hahnel Remote Control. The receiver fits on the flash mounting of my camera and then I can fire the camera up to 60m away!

I set my camera up on a mini tripod, and then set the camera at F9, to try and get maximum depth of field.  The tripod was a little high, as I really wanted to be on an eye level with the foxes, but it was OK for an initial trial.  It has been a nice sunny evening, so the light was good and Fern appeared 5.15pm. I had put quite a lot of tasty food out to lure her in. As soon as the shutter fired, she scooted off, but soon returned.  Each time the shutter fired, she was less spooked.

The images are not what I want, but it is a start. If we have a nice evening tomorrow, I am going to mount the camera a little lower and zoom in a little. Here are my first attempts.


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