New Bushnell site captures

I walked  to collect my Bushnell today, as the lane is still too treacherous to drive. It was beautiful… very quiet and I saw lots of fieldfares and redwings feasting on the berries still in the hedge. My Bushnell has been there for three days due to adverse weather conditions, so I was hoping I had caught something on camera. I could see a variety of prints in the snow… including fox, so I was optimistic.

On checking the colour monitor, it said it had taken 1900 shots! I had set the camera to take 3 photos per trigger, so felt sure that I would have something good for all of those triggers.

After a cold, but brisk walk home, I uploaded the card. Out of 1900 shots, only about 40 had anything on them. Something must trigger the camera and then pass through very quickly, or trigger it just out of camera range.

Despite this, there were a couple of interesting shots…. a fox visitor…

Also, some hungry moorhens in search of food….

….. some swans on a wander!….

Then, the most exciting of the captures….. look carefully to the bird in the top right…. it is not very clear…

Here is the same shot, with a crop of the bird….

 A woodcock! I am really chuffed with this one. It then appeared again, probing in the snow for food…. I wish I had set the camera on video now!