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New Bushnell set-up at Badger Bank

I have been working on other projects with my Bushnells recently, but this weekend, I wanted to return to Badger Bank… a site I discovered at the end of the summer. There is a large, established sett here and I hope to do some interesting work here over the coming year.

To get an idea of the movements at the moment, I took three Bushnells and my little Tasco cam up to the site this afternoon.

I set the first Bushnell up on a tree, facing one of the many sett entrances….

Then the second (the HD) a little further a long near another well used trail and entrance….

A very well worn trail runs away from the sett, out into the surrounding fields. I thought I would see how well the little Tasco coped here, so set it up next to a tree, facing down the trail. I set it on video clip. It will video for 15 seconds.

I set my last Bushnell on stills (as this is an earlier model with no audio) just on the edge of the woodland, where there is a track coming in from the fields… 

I will probably go and retrieve these cams on Wednesday and see what they’ve managed to capture…. watch this space!  


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