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New bit of kit!

I have been struggling with filming the foxes from an upstairs window as I need to support the Sigma 150-500mm lens. It is a bit too heavy to hand hold and to video, it has to be supported as any movement is magnified. I have been using a great beanbag   Watching Supplies and it is superb for still shots. The problem comes when I try to video and need to follow movement and focus as the focus ring is restricted by the bean bag. I cannot put it on the tripod as I can’t get the tripod close enough to the window sill, to allow the camera to reach outside.

I have been trying to find an alternative option and began to look at Gorillapods. Up until now, they did not have one that would cope with a big lens. They have now bought out  Gorillapod SLR Zoom with a ball head, that is meant to be able to cope with weights up to 3kg. I shopped around and found one on an ebay shop for £20 less than on Warehouse Express and it came today. I have had a quick go and it seems perfect for I want. It is also really light and I would take it in my rucksack as it can be set up in all sorts of conditions.

Here are some shots of it set up on the window sill….exactly what I wanted to achieve and it felt really stable even with the lens at the 500mm stretch!

My son immediately saw the potential……..


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