Nest Box Activity increasing….

This is always a busy time in my garden, as I start getting activity in my camera nest boxes. I have watched this whole process lots of times now and I get excited every time as I see birds prospecting and checking out the boxes for the first time in the season. I never tire of watching this incredible story unfold! This year, I have been experimenting with some new set-ups, with internal lighting which works on a sensor, so switching off at night. The increased lighting inside of the box does not seem to affect the birds at all and, in the wild, they would choose natural sites, where cracks and crevices would allow daylight inside. This lighting greatly improves the image quality and the images from this box by Jason Fathers at Wildlife Windows, is using a good quality nest box camera, but a great lighting system that he has designed. The Blue tits were in this box within 2 hours of me putting it up… and today, they started bringing in moss!

Cam7 - Lane Tit Box 2016-03-16 13-16-49.247
Cam7 - Lane Tit Box 2016-03-16 13-16-49.567