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Nest box activity hots up!

With temperatures rising to a heady 16 degrees today, I knew there would be a lot of nest box activity! I was delighted to see interest in four out of my five standard nest boxes. Both blue tits and great tits were in and out, and taking a good look around. One great tit did its best to remove the bark that I had carefully placed inside the nest box to create a more natural look. Obviously bark is not the ‘in’ look for 2012!

I managed to capture the great tit looking around my side view box. I think this is the female. The females tend to have a narrower and more broken central black stripe. The male’s stripe tends to be wider and solid. I am wondering if these birds tend to go back to the nest boxes they nested in , in previous years. Last year I had great tits in this nest box.

Here is the footage I captured:

I am really excited about this year’s nest box season… I am going to be busy capturing footage if they are all occupied!


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