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Nephew + fir cone + seeds + suet pellets = birdfeeder!

A final WildlifeKate activity for my nephew Rory, before he returned home to Kingston upon Thames…. whilst taking a walk yesterday, we collected a number of cones. Today we made bird feeders and it kept him occupied for nearly half an hour…. (take note all those frazzled parents and grandparents with kids on summer hols!). All you need is a fir cone and some food… we used suet pellets and sunflower hearts….

I told Rory he had to try to fill every hole in the cone with either a suet pellet or a seed and we would see who could manage to do it….. he took the task very seriously!

We were very pleased with our efforts and decided to put them up in front of one of the cameras, so Rory could see if anything came on the feeder when he was at home, as he could watch it from my live cams. We tied one cone feeder on the sunflower heart feeder and then tied two more next to a fat bar feeder on the oak tree…..

Within just 20 minutes, the nuthatch had discovered it … and then a robin and a blue tit!

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my wildlife with Rory for the last few days and I’m sure he will always remember the fun we had this week!


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