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Nature’s Feast Factory Tour and my first competition!

Last week, I was lucky enough to visit the Nature’s Feast factory in Driffield and was blown away by the scale of their production and the huge amounts of food that is stored and processed there.

 I have just uploaded a full account of my visit and it can be seen on my website HERE.

Whilst visiting the factory and discussing some of the projects that might be possible in 2012, the company offered to donate some prizes for competitions on my website. I loved the idea and today, I launched my first competition!

I created  a montage made up of cropped photos of wildlife I have seen in my patch this year. There are 18 images and you have to correctly identify the species. I will draw one correct entry out on the 14th December and that lucky person will win themselves a Nature’s Feast Sunflower heart feeder and a packet of premium sunflower hearts. You can enter the competition HERE.

I am hoping to offer more competitions in the future, so watch out on my website!


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