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My Squirrels appear on Autumnwatch

As I am sure many of my followers were, I was glued to the TV from Tuesday to Friday, watching the wonderful footage on AutumnWatch. Captivated by the live cameras, the inspiration for the set-up in my patch! Since I appeared on SpringWatch earlier in the year, I have kept in contact with the producers, letting them know if I had been able to capture any good footage. They were very interested when I said I had squirrels checking out my box and starting to build a nest in there. For those who missed it, there are some pages on my website all about this amazing experience. Unfortunately, due to copyright rules, I am not allowed to show the footage they filmed in my patch, on my website and the iPlayer link is now no longer operational… a real shame as it was a fantastic film that they created. To see some photos and read all about it, you can visit my website page HERE.

I was delighted, when they asked me to upload some of the footage last week and it was featured on the programme on Wednesday. You can see it on Episode 2 on iPlayer at the moment. My squirrels appear at about 48 minutes HERE.  I really hope these squirrel choose to breed here in the Spring, ready for another appearance in Springwatch… keep your fingers crossed!

The first piece of footage was captured using my close-up kit on  a Bushnell HD trail cam which I attached to a tree next to the entrance. The full clip can be seen below, along with some others I have captured.


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