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My second day of Big Garden Birdwatch

After a week of snow, last night’s rain and an increase in temperature meant that today I was greeted with a soggy mess that is my garden! Seems weird to see the garden green after seeing it white for so long… but the melting snow and torrential rain does mean the garden looks rather worst for wear!

Today, I had decided to do another bird count, between the hours of 3-4pm, using my live cameras and attempt to take a screen capture for each of the species. Trying to watch the screen, tweet the species and screen capture was a challenge!

I started just before 3pm, as a little group of 5 long tailed tits appeared on the fat feeder, and in fact, the first half an hour of the watch was pretty productive as just about all my most common visitors put in an appearance on one or more of the cameras. It slowed down a bit after half an hour, as I waited for the woodpecker to make an appearance, which he did!

By the end of the hour, I had clocked 13 species…. a pretty good representation of the average day on my feeders. The only species that I didn’t see was the nuthatch.

I felt that yesterday’s large blackbird numbers and the brambling were not really representative, so I am going to submit today’s sightings to the RSPB.

BGBW collage

1. Great tit x 2

2. Blue tit x 6

3. Long tailed tit x 6

4. Blackbird x 2

5. Great spotted woodpecker x 1

6. Goldfinch x 2

7. Bullfinch x 1

8. Chaffinch x 1

9. wood pigeon x 2

10. Robin x 1

11. Dunnock x 2

12. Coal tit x 1

13. Greenfinch x 2


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