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My Peckish Prize!

Last week I was delighted to receive my prize from Peckish Bird Foods. I had won their competition to name the two bird characters on their TV advert. My prize was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ18 camera. It is a fantastic little camera and will be great for photographing all the projects for my blog and website.

The company have also sent me some products to trial in my garden and with my Wildlife Club. These included some of their feeders and a selection of food…..

These food come in great little pouches, either with a zip-close top…

… or this really handy spout…

This makes it much easier to fill up a feeder. I filled the feeder I had been sent with the 5 in 1 Bird seed pack…

I decided to put this feeder up on a tree, right next to the hedge, quite far up my garden, above the waterhole cam. This means that,I can alternate between this feeder and the waterhole cam on my live stream, using the same cable. As the ports on this Peckish feeder are plastic, I decided to put it inside a spare squirrel cage I had. I mounted the cam onto the tree, facing the ports and the tray. You will be able to see it on my live streams:

The second feeder is a larger version, with more ports. I filled this one with the ‘Winter Warmer’ seed mix and hung it from my Magnolia tree. It is on quite a long chain, so hopefully the squirrel won’t be tempted!

I think this is a really attractive feeder and the great thing is that the lower ports can be rotated so, instead of being open, they have a grid making the feeder suitable for nyger seed. The top ports can be switched for the same… they simply un-clip and you can clip in the alternate style; a great idea! These photos of the feeders were all taken with the new Lumix.

A big thanks to ‘Peckish’. The kids at school will be delighted with their feeder and food too… we will set it up in the grounds tomorrow.


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