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My new lens and Fern… the perfect model!

I am now the proud owner of a Sigma 150-500mm lens, thanks to a recent nursery photoshoot I did! Tonight, I had my first ‘go’ with it. I positioned myself up in the field, tucked in by the hedge and waited for Fern to appear. It was a beautiful evening, the sun sending a golden glow across the field which is scattered with buttercups. The problem I often have is that the best place to hide and set up is at the bottom of the field. The sun sets to my right and if she appears higher on the field, the sun is behind her, making her difficult to photograph. Tonight though, she came across the field virtually level with me. She then dropped down to the left, meaning the sun was lighting her up…. she positively glowed! She is so beautiful! My heart was pouding in my chest as she got closer and closer…. in fact she must have been only 6 or so metres away from me before she saw me!

I have never used this lens before, so tonight was a bit of an experiment. I had it at the full 500mm and in fact, she was almost too close at one point! 

This first one is my favourite! If it wasn’t for that plant in the foreground bottom left, I would be thrilled with it…. never satisfied!

Watch this space… with a bit more practise with this lens, I am sure I can get some better shots.


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