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My new Bushnell HD!!!!

Guess what I received this morning! A new Bushnell HD…. this time the one with the colour screen… WHOOPPPEEEE!

I have been using a pre-production model that I had been sent before they were available in the UK and it had a few ‘foibles’ as it was not a finished product really. Today I received a replacement and could not wait to get it out in the field, of course!

I will be carrying out some tests and writing a full review on it in the coming months, but felt its first test should be at Badger Bank, as I have been itching to get back up there, so this time I took both this new Bushnell HD and my XLT as well.

I have not been up there for a week or so and there has been lots of bedding activity since then! The badgers have obviously been busy having a good clear out ready for the winter and a couple of the sett entrances were strewn with old bedding that looked newly excavated…..

I set the new Bushnell HD up at a low angle in front of this entrance and I threw a few peanuts around as well, to see if I can entice them to stay around!

I set the second Bushnell…. the standard XLT up a bit further down and dug a few holes and filled them with stashes of peanuts….

I will collect these tomorrow and will be uploading the footage onto the ‘Badger Bank ‘page of my website… so keep an eye out!


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