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My #MammalChallenge

If you follow my work, you will know that I love setting up different scenarios for my mammal visitors! From sitting rooms to bathrooms or even Autumnwatch scenes, I have experimented with all sorts of set ups in my Mammal Box HD… a purpose-built box that I designed to house different ‘stages’ that can be interchanged.

This box also has natural setting and I have captured footage of common, pygmy and water shrews, bank voles and wood mice.

It is fascinating watching these mammals on a regular basis and I am always thinking of new things to experiment with.

My latest idea is to set my mammals different challenges to get the food. I will be tweeting about this using the #MammalChallenge. Over the coming months, I will be presenting the food in different ways in my specially designed mammal set.

I lined the set with a self adhesive mouse astro turf! This gives a clear green room in which to present the challenges.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 21.04.29

The box and its HD camera record everything that happens and then I can report back on how the challenges are tackled by the different species.

I will be writing a blog post about each challenge and how the mammals coped with it. Just search the #MammalChallenge on my blog to find all the posts.

I have quite a few ideas, but if you have any, I would be delighted to hear them! Just tweet them using #MammalChallenge or email me at


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