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My Logo goes live!

I am pleased to share my new ‘WildlifeKate’ logo with you, which has been designed by The Maltings Partnership in Derby. If you want any design work done, I thoroughly recommend them… just take a look at their website and the examples of some of their work. I have seen some of that artwork ‘in the flesh’ and it was truly amazing! These guys have done a great job working with me and producing just the kind of logo I had envisaged.

Maltings have produced my logo in several different colour versions and you will see these appearing on my website and I will be using it on some products I am producing that will be released in the future.

The addition of a logo to my website seems to give it an entirely different ‘feel’… I hope you agree that it fits well and enhances my website. Who knows…. maybe the ‘WildlifeKate’ brand will become well known in the future…. I can but hope!


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