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My latest nest Box with new IP Camera

Technology is moving on so quickly! It is getting smaller, with greater capabilities. This season, I am experimenting with some new small IP cameras and they are producing some of the best images I have obtained so far. This latest nest box was made for me by Tom, who made the amazing Owl mansion at Yew View. It is based on a great little set-up produced by Jason at Wildlife Windows, which uses an analogue camera. I had a the box made up with slightly different dimensions to accommodate the new IP camera and to give the diagonal view I like, rather than the aerial view of the occupants. It took a lot of fiddling around to work out the focus on the camera and to get the angle right. There are a few things I would want to change for next year, but we’ll see how this box fares this season. However hard you plan and experiment, until the birds actually come in and interact with the space, it is difficult to predict accurately how everything will work and look. …. that is part of the fun!

This nest box has been up for a few days but the camera only got set up and plugged in today, but which time some nesting materials had already come in. The image is looking really  good. The additional lighting in this box helps a lot and the clarity is fantastic. I can’t wait to see chicks in this set up, if everything continues to that!


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