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My Kestrel Box gets a clear-out!…..

A few years ago, I put up a kestrel box on a barn that is level with the end of my garden. The barn belongs to my neighbour whose field adjoins my garden and they were happy for me to install it. I was really lucky as in the first year, I had a pair of kestrels visit and very nearly use it. At a critical time, however, there was quite a lot of activity on the farm and it disturbed them.

Last year, the male returned and had a look, but with competition from jackdaws and squirrels, he decided on a quieter spot perhaps.


Over the winter, a squirrel had used a branch I had place up to the nest box, to take up residence and fill the whole nest box with twigs and leaves. As I have heard the kestrels around again, I wanted to clear the box, and try to encourage them to return. This year, I plan on installing 2 cameras… one on the outside (as I had before) and one on the interior. Today, I climbed up to clear the box and get the area ready for the new cameras which will be installed over the next few weeks. I also changed the perch so the squirrels can’t gain access.

Keep you fingers crossed for kestrel action this year! It is a fantastic spot, with a great view. My garden is behind the hedge running down from the barn.

I was surprised how much was in the nest box!!



The view from the nest box is pretty spectacular!!


As you can see, the box is mounted high on the barn, with the cable running down the hedge to my office….





I would nest there if I was a kestrel!!



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