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My garden starts to take shape

I have a mature garden, with large trees and a natural hedge. It always looks its best in May when everything is bursting back into life, but I have not reached foliage explosion, when I then battle to keep it under control and to stop it from meeting in the middle! With the beautiful weather this weekend, it is a joy to be outside working in this lovely space! So much is springing into life and the pond, especially is looking lovely. The cowslips, primulas and marsh marigolds are in flower and the new growth of the hostas means that the area is now starting to fill with foliage. There are thousands of tadpoles writing in its warm shallows as well as newts, frogs and a host of other life!





The Hub green roof is starting to green up, but it is very dry up there and I am having to remember to get up there and water! Some of the wildflower turf from the show last year is already flowering and I have seeded other areas and can see the seedlings emerging. It is a lovely spot up there and I have got a small gravel area for a chair… I just never sit still long enough to enjoy it as much as I should as the view up there is stunning!


I get a tremendous amount of joy from my garden and it is a wonderful feeling at the end of the day, to look at the fruits of your labours and to listen to the lilting song of the blackbird as the light drops.


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