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My Garden Blog Returns!

After a bit of a break, due to various other commitments, I am hoping to get my garden blog up and running again…. I have always been a diary writer and I like to write about the projects I am doing and the wildlife news in my garden and the surrounding area. I have had lots of people asking why I haven’t blogged much recently… work and time commitments, but some of the projects I have been working on have finished now and I am hoping that will free up a little time.

I have figured out how to actually embed the blog into my website, rather than it opening as a different webpage, as I think it makes it better when it is integral with my main site. For that reason, I will just be using this as a blog rather than all the other information it had on previously. My main website now provide new visitors with an overview of my garden and all its wildlife projects… please do contact me if you have any comments or ideas, or things you would like to see, project ideas… I love talking to people who enjoy sharing my garden with me… it is probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of my website.


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