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My Close-up kits travel the world!!

Closeupkitposter3 LowerRes

One of the things I am most proud of this year is my Bushnell close-up kit! I am an avid user of the Bushnell trail cams, but became a bit frustrated with the minimal focal length of 3m. I wanted to monitor my bird feeding stations and needed my trail cam to focus much closer. I spent about a year fiddling with all sorts of different ideas until I came up with a prototype which a friend made up for me. I trialled it and we made some modifications until I was happy with the design and its performance  It worked so well that when I started posting the footage, people were really keen to know how I had done it.


LT tit2

There are a series of videos on a playlist on my YouTube channel HERE, but this is one of my favourites……

I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and have some units made up to sell. I have been amazed at the interest and fairly quickly sold the first set that I had. I have recently received the second batch of close-up kits and have already had orders from Denmark, Sweden and one is even winging its way over the Atlantic to California USA!!! 

If you have a Bushnell trail cam… one of the larger unit (119466, 119467, 119476, 119477) then my kit could be a brill add-on …. just take a look on my website HERE to find out more about it. 

The kits are for sale in my shop for just £69, including P&P to UK. I only have limited stock, so order soon if you want one!… here they are all ready to wing their way to someone for Christmas!! Click on the image below to go straight to my shop…..

close-up kits


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