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My Blackbird Family.... Hatch to Fledge in just 12 days!

I can hardly believe they have gone!

I have been filming the story of my blackbird family in the garden, via a live camera on their nest. I know many of you have tuned in daily, to watch their progress. These parents were amazing and were very diligent, providing their growing brood with an incredible number of worms and other treats. The fantastic growth rates of the chicks was almost too much to keep up with and they looked noticeably different by the end of each day!

It has been a complete pleasure and a privilege to watch this little family grow and to see them fledge out into a sunny Easter Sunday morning garden. They couldn't have picked a better day to leave the safely of the nest.

To appreciate this amazing growth, I took a short video from each day and I merged them together. It really is a miracle that these new little blackbirds are now in my garden, just 12 days after they hatched!

I have relocated the camera and hoping the new site will be as productive, so watch this space!

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