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My Big Garden Bird Watch Results 2018

I have a great advantage when counting birds in my garden for the Big Garden Bird Watch… I have numerous cameras and obviously, I can count from my window too; birds that may not appear on the cameras.

I tend to take several ‘counts’ throughout the weekend and then choose the one that I think is most representative of  my garden visitors. Sadly, my sparrowhawk did not make an appearance for the count, after it alighted on one of my perches, in view of the cameras on Friday!

My final count for this weekend is:

Blue tit x 15

Great tit  x 8

Coal tit  x 5

Long tailed tit  x 6

Chaffinch x 4

Goldfinch x 6

Greenfinch x 6

Bullfinch x 4

Robin x 6

Wren x 1

Dunnock x 4

House Sparrow  x 2

Blackbird  x 5

Stock dove  x 4

Collared dove x 2

Wood pigeon x 4

Nuthatch x 3

Great spotted woodpecker x 1

Jackdaw  x 5

Magpie x 3

These images, taken in my garden over the last few years, show some of my visitors. I cannot describe the joy that watching the birds brings me. Birds are what first fired my love of the natural world. If you can’t feed the birds yourself, please drop into my live cameras and take a look… you never know… you might get hooked!


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