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Mud, Glorious Mud!

Last week, I returned to Badger Bank… a small copse with a large badger sett. I set a series of Bushnells around the site to see what was going on. The ones on the main badger sett did not show much activity at the entrances I had chosen, but the sett is large and badgers often move around and change the entrances they are using.

Whilst there, I noticed that an area of low ground had developed a small pool of water, surrounded by a lot of mud! The area was obviously being well used and was covered in prints! I set a Bushnell Natureview up on the nearest tree and returned in a few days to discover that red deer are using it. My clips were a little too close, so I set two more Bushnells a little further away, at different angles.


I returned yesterday and was delighted to have captured LOTS of clips of red deer, muntjac and fox visiting this pool. I have created a page on my website about this site and at the bottom, all the clips I collect here, will be available in a playlist. Make sure you watch these in FULL 1080p HD!

It is wonderful when you discover a spot like this and the Bushnells give you a window into a secret world as I am pretty sure I would have been unlikely to capture footage like this in any other way! I can’t believe how this kit has changed my life (sounds a bit of a cliche… but its true!) They have become an integral part of the work I do and I never cease to be amazed at the behaviour and footage that units like this can capture!

As long as the pool remains, I will be keeping a Bushnell on the area… you never know what might turn up!


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