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Mouse Cam update

I’ve been out all day today, so left the camera running in the nestbox. All the sunflower seeds have been eaten though, so he’s been back. I am working from home tomorrow, so will try and get some better screen shots. I may also try to set my camera up outside the box and use the remote to try and get some pictures of it going in and out… I need to watch it for a while and see if there is any pattern to when it comes.

Here’s a bit of information about wood mice, apparantly the most common European mammal!

Description : 

Large ears and protruding eyes, together with dark sandy brown upper parts and white under belly, with a long tail.

Distribution : 

The Wood Mouse is found throughout the British Isles.

Habitat : 

As the name implies the Wood Mouse is likely to be found in woods, but is also adept at thriving on moorlands, in gardens and buildings – in fact, almost anywhere! They make their homes in tunnels under ground which they also use for storing food. These tunnels may be used by several generations of Wood mice.

Predators : 

Domestic cats, foxes and weazels prey on the Wood Mouse, as do owls. The Tawny Owl may not breed if Wood Mouse numbers are low, therefore restricting the owl’s diet.

Reproduction : 

The Wood Mouse has only 1 or 2 litters per year, between March and October and they give birth to between 4 and 7 pups. They sometimes nest in trees and properties, but also tunnel beneath the ground to build nests, which are sometimes shared with other Wood mice, out of the breeding season.


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