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Mouse Cam!

I have been thinking about how I could set up one of my other Gardenature cameras in the garden. I have one on a feeder at them moment, which I am not using, so today I have decided to set up a Mouse Cam. I have been watching a wood mouse under a different feeder near my kitchen window, so decided to create something that might attract mice so I could view them on the computer using my existing set up.

I had a wooden box and cut a small hole in the front as an entrance hole. I also cut a small hole in the back to allow the cables out. I then mounted the Gardenature camera that was on my feeder inside the box. The camera is an infra red one, so we should be able to clearly see what happens in there at night.

I have placed the box at the base of an arbour…. I know mice visit there as they raided my bird food that was stored close by.

I plugged in the camera and checked the image on my PC…. brilliant! You can see the entrance hole and the food clearly. Tonight I will set it up with i-catcher on motion detection and see how long it takes for them to discover it!

So, watch this space!


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