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More Yew View Badger Sett Footage!

With Autumn ‘officially’ now here, we are hoping that the badgers will be thinking that the camera badger sett at Yew View is a good option for the winter. The visits are fairly sporadic, although this female, who spent some time in the sett a few weeks ago, chose to spend over 2 hrs here. Looking closely at the footage, I think she has been in  a scuffle of some sort. Look closely at one of her ears… it looks rather tattered and wet, like it has been bleeding… difficult to tell when the footage is black and white… it is pitch dark in the sett and the whole thing is lit with  invisible infra-red light. The camera is sensitive to this light.

This female snoozed in the sett and I lifted sections of the footage where she moved around. For much of the time, she was still, curled up in a tight ball. Once again, the spiders were trying to take a leading role! As she came in, she dislodged the web, but as she settled down, this annoying spider started to build again… right in front of the lens!!

This footage is the best we have had so far and when you get visits like this, you can’t help but hope that this is just the beginning…..

I lifted these images  from the video clips. She is certainly relaxed and comfortable in this sett chamber….

These are a selection of video captures from the 2 hours she was sleeping there….

Make sure you SELECT HD from the YouTube cog menu….

This next video gives you a good view of her rather tatty ear….. could she have had a fight with one of the other badgers in the area?

Remember… this is a wild badger! These individuals are choosing to go into this sett on their own accord. We can but hope that this will become a more common occurrence as the weather gets colder.  Fingers (and toes!) are crossed!!


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