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More Fox Cubs!

With the cubs deciding to appear at about 9pm, just before it gets dark, I set 2 Bushnell HD cams up in the field. These are the new 2012 models and I am trialling them at the moment. So far, I have been really pleased with the daylight footage, although the trigger speed does not seem to be quite as fast as the other models I have. The night footage is pretty good especially as now you can adjust the IR strength which can help prevent the ‘burn out’ you can get when creatures come really close.

I was watching out of the window when these cubs appeared and the light was just going. I hoped there was enough still for the Bushnell to operate in day mode and not switch to night mode with IR. I left them there all night and collected them in the morning. I was really pleased when I started to upload as it was clear there had just been enough daylight and the footage was clear.

This is the first one…. these cubs look really healthy and the Bushnell has captured them well. The date and time is wrong, as when I set it up, some of the batteries popped out. I put them back in but the unit must have re-set the time and date. It was just after 9pm.

Make sure you watch it in HD!

I then combined several of the clips together to create the following…..

One cub is still managing to get into my hedgehog box! When I went to fill it up the other night, the bowl was gone…. I found it in the hedge… what other animal would do that?


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