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More eggs in nest boxes!

After seeing the eggs in the great tit nest box yesterday, I checked the Discovery box and we have one in there too! I then looked carefully in the oak tree box and wa amazed to see 2 in there too! The side box is deep and due to the angle of the camera, I cannot quite see in there, but I am pretty sure that there are some in there too! We are doing well and should have plenty of action in a couple of weeks when they all start to hatch! It is impossible to keep up to date with images of all the action in all the boxes, So I will try to document major events in all the boxes, but I am going to aim to take an image every day (if I can!) in the Plum tree nest box as it is giving the clearest picture. I will be posting these on my website on the Plum Tree Nest box page.

I have also created a little summary of the activity in all the nest boxes, as ‘Nest box News’ on the front page of my website. In this way, visitors can see, at a glance, what is happening in all of the nest boxes.

Here are a couple of shots from the Plum tree box today.


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