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More Bushnell footage… Snowy visits

I set the Bushnell up again by the feeding station to get some shots of them feeding in the snow. This time, I set it on 3 shots per trigger. I set the camera quite low and about 3 metres from the food.  I then sat back to watch the action on my wired camera. Once again, I could see the Bushnell trigger as I could see the IR beam. I don’t know whether the foxes have just got used to it, but they did not seem worried by it at all this time. Maybe the IR is not so obvious when it take photos rather than video. I will have to test that in a dark room again!

When I went to retrieve the camera, it had over 700 photos!! At least it is easy to see immediately which ones have images on, unlike the video. The snow did create a bit of a problem to the IR though… a lot of reflection. These images are cropped and the levels adjusted slightly.

You will notice a couple of the shots are not of foxes….but of my siamese! It has been useful to put these in, as they not only show the quality of the camera images in daylight, but also how quickly the three shots fire. I am impressed with the stills capability of this cam!

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I had changed the batteries around though…. so the time is incorrect on the camera. I must remember that you have to re-set that when you take out batteries.


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