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More Bushnell cam set-ups at Yew View…..

Whilst the reed buntings are abundant on site, I was keen to try to get some more footage of them. I took the Bushnell ladle cam and set it up for photos initially. I then had to go off site to collect some new owl boxes (more info in a later blog post). I came back to find I had over 2000 images of reed bunting! I am really pleased with these images as the light was better and this means brighter and crisper images. I was even able to read the numbers from a ring on one of them!

It was difficult to choose some to upload and share, but here are a selection from the day. See my previous blog post for the set-up; a ladle and a Bushnell NatureView Live view with a 25cm close-up lens.


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I then set the Bushnell to record HD video. The aspect changes slightly in video and goes a much closer crop, meaning it can be hard to set up correctly. The Bushnell is in the same position, at the same distance from the feeding platform. Again, the footage is really clear, although the light had dropped a bit. These are a series of 10 second videos, stitched together. Make sure you select HD!

On to other species on site…. the badgers have been quite quiet of late and not staying in either of the setts we have. I did record this one doing a little excavation work this week, though, so maybe they are thinking about moving in again soon!

There have been no sightings of our polecat for the last few weeks, sadly. The rats love my new polecat den and are often sleeping in there. Sometimes there are a few disagreements though! This pair managed to knock the camera out of position in their scrap….

I am considering trying to set up my DSLR camera trap next week, on the reed buntings…  or set up a more natural looking platform for them to feed on… they certainly love that millet!


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