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Monster chick…. and siblings

Wow…. I reckon a couple of the largest chicks will be ready to fledge this coming week….. they were climbing out of the nest ‘pit’ today and spending time sitting on the edge,  preening their newly emerged feathers. They look so big and well developed. They are still dominating any food coming in and I am amazed that the little ones have survived… they must be surviving on very meagre rations. I am wondering what the parents will do if some of these bigger chicks fledge soon…. the smaller ones simply won’t be ready. Will the parents feed the fledged ones and still return to the nestbox to feed the others?… only time will tell!

Here are some screen shots from today and a bit of video as well, showing just how big these chicks have got.

This is a video sequence from today….. just a couple of minutes activity in the nestbox!


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