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Monitoring feeders using the Bushnell NatureView Live View

I have been delighted to have 3 bullfinch visiting over the last few months; one female and two males. I wanted to see if I could capture them using the trail cam so set up the NatureView live view with the 46cm lens on. This model comes with close-up lenses, meaning you can get your trail camera much close to the subject; brill if you are wanting to capture small birds or mammals.

As the depth of focus is quite narrow, I chose a small bowl, encouraging the birds to land in a specific position, making it easier to set the camera up.

I measure 46cm from the kens to the centre of the bowl. This should mean that birds landing just in front, or on the back edge of the bowl, should be in focus. This model has a plug in screen, meaning you can see where the camera is focusing, making it much easier to set up.

I set the Bushnell to take 2 stills per trigger….. then left it to it for a few days!

I then had several thousand images to look through! Here are a selection of the best. This model copes well in the differing light conditions and. other than cropping some of the images down a little, I have done nothing to enhance or adjust the image. These are straight out of the trail camera.

An excellent way to monitor what visits a feeding station!


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Stock Dove & Wood Pigeon:

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Blue, Great and Coal tit:

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Finally, the species I had been hoping to capture….. my stunning bullfinches!

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