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March Spring Clean

I can’t believe it is March! Everything has been so dull, wet and gloomy over the last few months, many of the jobs in the garden that I have usually done by now simply have not been done, leaving my patch looking rather tatty. No garden really looks its best in January and February, but with Spring just around the corner, I can see signs of everything coming back into life. My garden is a mature one that I can generally keep ‘in control’ until late May when I have complete foliage explosion and then the garden starts taking charge and I give into the rather ‘wild’ look that helps to ensure it is brilliant for wildlife. I am not a pristine gardener… I just attempt to keep the growth under control so I can actually get up the garden!

Although pretty barren, things are beginning to appear and daffs are budding. I even saw a couple of bees out, some heading for the hellebores; stunning early flowers perfect for those early emergers!


One of my favourite areas, and possibly the most important for wildlife is my pond. Built about 9 years ago, last summer the pump started to fail. I had had some issues with it early on and had to adapt it by building a cage over it after I found some newts had got their tails stuck in the filter. I was devastated, so have been looking to purchase a new pump for this season. Also, the small stream area had been leaking so needed a bit of attention!

After a bit of research, I went for a Hozelock pump that pulls in the water from a large surface area, lessening the suction over a specific area and it also has a wildlife insert…. which allows you to lessen the suction hole size, minimising the risk of sucking in your precious wildlife into the pump. Hopefully this will do the job.


The stream is a bigger job as, to check the liner and remove all the ferns and roots that had grown into this area and clogged it, the large rocks have had to be removed. It is amazing how much growth and root systems build up… I had actually forgotten how wide this stream used to be!  


This stream area is great for the birds as they will often come and drink from here, plus the movement of the water through the filter system helps keep the pond water clean and healthy. The whole area does not look too amazing at the moment, but in another month or so , it will begin to transform and by early summer, it looks beautiful!


The marsh marigolds and primulas are showing activity…


The rest of the garden looks bland as well, but there are buds and shoots and, this too, will transform over the coming months.


Planting up a few spring baskets is always good for the soul… been meaning to do this for a few weeks…


My hub roof has coped well over the winter and many of the plants I planted up there last summer look ok despite the cold weather and them being in quite an exposed site. I will be seeding the bare earth areas today with some wild flower, nectar rich mixes which should look amazing by the summer. The tyres act as planters for bigger plants that need a greater depth of soil. I have a small gravel area up here too…. must big enough for me to have a chair and sit up there! It gets the early sun and I have a wonderful view over my garden and the surrounding fields… it is a very special place!




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