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#MammalChallenge 2: Clear plastic upturned container

My #MammalChallenge 2 was to place the food under a transparent plastic container. Would the mammals be able to upturn this container to get the food?

Once again, it was just a matter of minutes before the vole was in to investigate! Lots of nibbling and brute force initially to try to get at the food which it could obviously see inside.

Brute force paid off when the vole managed to move the container along, allowing some of the food to escape out.

This tactic continued and the container was moved around the box, allowing food to escape.

Mammal Challenge 2 Vole_00000

Finally, it was pushed up against the corner of the box. This time, my vole persevered and eventually managed to lift the box up and move it along to release the peanuts.

Mammal Challenge 2 Vole2_00001

Mammal Challenge 2 Vole2_00007

The shrews came in, but just sniffed around the box. They did not attempt to get inside.

Looks like #MammalChallenge 2 goes to the Bank Vole again!


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