#MammalChallenge 1: Pivoted Container Lids

My first #MammalChallenge was using this little feeding station designed to keep pet hamsters occupied! It consists of two little wooden hollows covered with lids that are held on by a wooden peg. To open the lid, the mammal has to spin the lids around to reveal the food.

How would my mammals cope with this challenge?

Within a few minutes, the bank vole was in. He spent a while sniffing around the container and left. The shrews did similar. Then one individual turned up. You will be able to recognise him by the dark areas on his rumps. He bit various pieces of the container and tried to lift it up. He could obviously smell the peanuts hidden inside!

Before long, he had discovered the lid…

With the smell of peanuts getting stronger, he took hold of the lid and began moving it…


He happily retrieved his prize!

It had taken less than a minute and he returned over and over again, repeating this process once the lids had been replaced. Other voles did not have the same success and the shrews seemed unable to fathom it out!

Here is the video of his success…

A great start to my #MammalChallenge!

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