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Luchious May Garden

The weather cannot quite make its mind up this week. One minute, we almost have an air frost and I light the wood burner, yet today, the sun is shining and it feels like the beginnings of summer! The garden is looking really pretty and I wanted to take some shots as it changes so quickly at this time of year. The hub roof is covered with campion and the nectar rich seed mix I planted is germinating. Hopefully it will make a pretty show later in the year and offer a nectar stop-off for local insects!

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My bee hotel was quite literally buzzing today with lots of red mason bees hanging around. I think many of them are the males waiting for the females to emerge from their overwintering tubes. I am trialling some new glass tubes this year that Paula Craib made (@madcow_Paula on twitter) If the bees choose to nest in them, we will be able to see how they construct their chambers, which would be brilliant!


My old apple tree has just come into blossom, which seems pretty late… such a pretty flower, but it lasts for such a short period of time! My clematis, which has overtaken just about all the trellis on my patio, is also very nearly open and will look stunning next week I think.  I just need the bullfinches to pose in it for that perfect photo!

I also finally got the GoPro out the box and attempted to understand how it all works… it does not seem to be very intuitive, but I did a walk up the garden with it. Excuse the finger in view at one point! I need to practise with this piece of kit before Zambia! The video will give you a flavour of my garden though. Remember that this is a wide-angle lens… it makes may garden look much bigger than it really is!

With so much work on at the moment and the pressure of Gardeners’ World Live just around the corner, it has been lovely to spend time in my garden… the best way to recharge the batteries!


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