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Lots of visitors….

The new bird feeder arrangement has proved to be very popular! I sat down for ten minutes for a cup of tea in the conservatory and there was so much activity, I grabbed the camera and took a few shots…… through the window!

Obviously, the blue tits are constant visitors…

… as are the handsome great tits. There are lots of places to perch before coming onto the feeders, which is one reason I feel it is already so popular.

The coal tits are almost as common as the great tits…. put one shot in here, where you can clearly see the white flash in the black head marking…. for anyone not familiar with coal tits….

The goldfinches love the new niger feeder I bought at the BirdFair and there are a couple of juveniles visiting as well….

The robin feeds both on the feeders and the floor…. as you can see, they are making quite a mess!

… and the final visitor before I finished my tea was the dunnock… always hopping around the bottom, clearing up!


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