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Lots of Kingfisher Post Activity!

The kingfisher post at Yew View is an example of how, if you monitor one good spot for over a year, it can provide an incredible number of different species. This post has a wired camera on it which films both day and night and it remains one of my favourite camera. I also use a Bushnell NatureView camera on there, with a close-up lens.

Kingfishers are pretty much daily visitors. We have had a bit of a lull, presumably whilst they breed, but over the last few weeks, visits have started to increase again and we have a number of individuals visiting. It is very hard to tell them apart though. Their beak seems to be the easiest way. The females are easier as the orange on their lower mandible varies slightly. The males’ beaks are completely black. They do vary in length slightly, with the youngsters having shorter beaks than the mature males.

My Bushnell on the post has produced some clips I am pleased with over the last few weeks…

I lifted some stills from these clips so you can see the quality from this trail camera.

The wired camera captured some great kingfisher this week! There were two males around and I have never witnessed kingfishers fighting… I was delighted to have captured this interesting behaviour….

They seem to be having quite a lot of success hunting here….

When the sun shines, they just look incredible….

It isn’t only the kingfisher visiting though. The Pied wagtails have chosen this as one of their favourite perches as they hunt for insects along the pond edges….

This week we had a visitor not yet recorded on this post; a female bullfinch…

A number of youngsters have also paid a visit…. and a young starling

Great tit…

and young jackdaw!


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