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Local badgers and foxes in the woods

Updated: Jan 14

Every day, I walk in the local woods and I am always looking for evidence of wildlife around. I was pretty sure there would be badgers near by so I have been looking for track and holes. About a month ago, I found a bank with some interesting holes. I thought it looked like a possible site, so I set a few cameras there. I first set a Keen Ranger cam there. It is a camera that uses a PAYG sim and I can access the cam live or look at the footage without having to return to the site to collect an SD card. It is a good way to initially monitor an area. I didn't want to keep going there to collect card until I was sure there were some animals there. The camera is good, but the quality of the clips from a distance, is not as good as a trail cam.

Last week, after capturing some clips of fox and badger, I placed a Bushnell trail cam facing one of the large entrances. There is not a huge amount of activity. There are definitely two badgers using the space and two foxes passed through, one looking pregnant.

I will be placing a few more trail cams there, on some of the other entrances, to get a better idea of how this little bank is being used. Fab to know there are badgers and fox nearby though!


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