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Little Owl Pellet????

I was cleaning my goats out today and as I climbed over the fence, I noticed a pellet on the top! Having looked closely at  it, I think it could be a little owl pellet. I haven’t actually seen any little owls around the garden, but the habitat surrounding the house is certainly suitable for a little owl. I went straight and checked on my kestrel box cam….. but sadly…. nothing!

I took the pellet inside and took some photos, then dissected the pellet . It was mostly made up of insect remains… some whole weevils, lots of beetle wing cases, a small amount of very wiry hair of some sort and then lots of bits that looked like bits of cereal type crop. Sadly, no mammal skull remains though.

Here are the photos I took… I would welcome any comments on whether you agree that this could be a little owl pellet….. exciting if it is!


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