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Let there be light!!

The camera I have put in my hedgehog box is really designed for a nestbox…. so the IR is not really strong enough to illuminate the whole box and means the images are rather grainy. Whilst in Morrisons the other day,  found a little motion sensored light, designed for stairs….

 It got me thinking! As it was only £3 in the bargain bin (I do like a bargain!), I decided to give it a go in the hedgehog box. The hedgehog I met on my lane last night did not seem worried by the security lamp coming on… so how might they react to a light coming on when they enter the box?

I decided to tape over one of the three LED lights and then stuck it up on the roof of the box…

Then, I waited…….. suddenly the light came on…..

I think the poor mouse was a little surprised… he scuttled around briefly… and then was gone! At least it works. No hedgehogs et, but will leave i-catcher on over night and see if we capture anything.


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