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Latest addition to nesting opportunities……

On a random browse in TK Maxx today, this little terracotta nesting ‘box’ caught my eye… not sure if it is meant to be for feeding or nesting really, but straight away, I thought it might attract a robin, or possibly a wren, if placed in the right place. I couldn’t resist!

It came with a chain through the hole at the top, but once I had removed it, that hole was just right for… yep, you guessed it….. a camera! The lens just fits inside, so if something does decide to nest, I may be able to pop one in the top. I tucked it in a tree up the end of my garden, that is covered in ivy. I wrapped the ivy all around the entrance again, as I had done with the previous wooden robin box. I have at least three pairs of robins in the garden, so I hope they are appreciative of my efforts!

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